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Asian American Alliance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission of empowering Central Indiana Asian Americans to serve and lead.

We invite you to become a member to receive information about upcoming events and programs. There is no cost to join AAAI and your information will not be shared with anyone.

What We Do

Since its formation, Asian American Alliance’s board, staff and members have participated in Diversity Councils for Mayor Bart Peterson and Mayor Greg Ballard. In addition, they have participated in the planning of Governor Mitch Daniel’s Multi-Ethnic Diversity Summit.

AAAI routinely responds to calls from businesses, educational organizations, and nonprofit and government organization recruiting volunteers, boards, speakers, and requesting participation in festivals and other community events.

The mission of Asian American Alliance, Inc. is to empower Central Indiana Asian Americans to serve and lead in community and businesses.

Our Programs

Asian American Alliance, Inc. fulfills its mission through a series of programs that increase awareness of the Asian culture and build the leadership skills of Asian Americans in Central Indiana.

Youth Leadership Awards & Programs

Asian American community and academic leadership programs.

Seat at the Table

Seat at the Table, a series of professional development programs for Asian Americans to build leadership skills.

Partner Programs

Our wonderful partners offer a wide variety of programs for Asian youth.

Asian Fest

Asian Fest, an annual celebration of Asian culture and heritage.

Become A Member

AAAI serves as critical nexus between corporate, civic and governmental entities and the Asian American community in Central Indiana. As a result, there are several Benefits of Membership:

  • Professional networking with Asian American community leaders and professionals
  • Collaboration opportunities with numerous Asian American community organizations
  • Impacting the Central Indiana business community in the recruiting and retention of Asian American talents and others

Corporate Sponsors

Organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in 1999, Asian American Alliance, Inc. seeks to unlock and mobilize the resources and potential of the Asian American community to help make Central Indiana an even better place to call “home”.  Through our unique programs and activities, Asian American serves as a bridge between the Asian American community and the community at large — civic, non-profit, and corporate.

Leading corporations and philanthropic organizations, through their financial support, recognize Asian American Alliance’s critical role and contribution to Central Indiana.  Asian American Alliance is grateful for their partnership and invites you to join our cause as well.